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Welcome to Wystwynd Designs, Inc.

A multi-disciplined firm providing services in architectural and interior designs and graphics, as well as professional management and coordination of our engineering consultants.

Established in September of 1983 as a Sole Proprietorship, Wystwynd Designs, Inc. was later incorporated in the state of Tennessee in 1986. Wystwynd has gained credibility with the design community and some eight hundred plus clients in the past 24 years.

The principle Architectural staff members have practiced individually in the Knoxville area for some 18 or more years to date. These key project managers have successfully guided other staff members through a series of some 500 projects ranging from single family residences to multi-family projects and apartments, to shopping centers and
industrial projects.

Wystwynd Designs, Inc. can also provide a broad scope of interior design services for your projects including; color-board preparation for approval, specification documents, and purchasing and installation of all interior finish items. Facility Planning and Management are specialties of ours and provide the client maximum benefit when put on our computers.

Our design attitude is based on three major ideas:

  • ......the built environment is for the use and enjoyment of people and therefore must relate to the functional uses, the emotions of these
    same people and their physical well-being."

  • ......utilize common sense for construction to achieve creative design solutions that provide ecological and social sustainability."

  • ......use of our foresight to solve construction problems on paper rather than in the field..."

    In the course of successfully completing numerous projects, Wystwynd Designs, Inc. has developed a variety of skills and services tailored to each type of project and designed to provide our clients the information needed to make the best decisions possible regarding the following:

  • ...area demographics and feasibility studies for the best site and project selection

  • development potential for maximum square footage and best use in conjunction with their needs

  • ...specific analysis and facility design for criteria special to their profession

  • ...development of adjacent or integral speculative rental space in conjunction with a project's development

  • ...consultation for code compliance, handicap accessibility,
    feasibility studies and expert opinions

  • ...selection of a qualified contractor for construction of the project Wystwynd Designs is now utilizing computer technology for design and drafting. If required by our clients, our computer capabilities allow us to provide thorough computer documentation, as well as multimedia presentation.

About ETCDC:

ETCDC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to make East Tennessee a better place to live and work by bringing professional design and planning assistance to communities and organizations lacking resources. The Community Design Center offers its services through the pro bono contributions of area architects, landscape architects, planners and other professionals.

Chairman of the Design Committee
Board Member of ETCDC
ETN Housing Development Corp

"Dedicated to building"

"Assist in the development of decent affordable housing in the East TN Area for low & moderate income people".


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